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On-Grid Solar System
On_Grid_Supply We provide all the advisory on setting up & maintaining solar, power plants including energy generation estimates, technical requirement, installation, guidelines as well as technology comparisons to site selection & preparation & license with govt. agencies.

Diagram shows the grid tied solar power plant. This is simple system where solar energy (Sunlight) is converted directly to electricity using solar panel & excess energy of sun is supplied to the utility grid connected to the system, since the electrical appliances are driven for Ac power. The power pack are provided with solar inverter, The solar inverter has a build in battery protection circuit, which protects the battery from over charging, short circuit & deep discharge. PV panel area of about 10 square meters.

Off Grid Solar System
Off-Grid-supply Off-grid solar is widely used by schools & universities in India. It’s suitable for areas that face frequent power cuts because it lets you save extra solar energy in batteries for use during power cuts. Solar PCU – off-grid solar inverter, which has an inbuilt solar charge controller, is an important part of any off-grid solar installations.
Solar system is independently capable for supplying power & is optimized to certain performance over extended periods with minimum maintenance. Feature exists to keep a check on all components and to avoid overcharging or overrunning of the batteries for their extra long life. The System is configured to ensure short playback period & substantial life cycle benefit. The System is provided with battery backup. Sun energy is directly converted to electricity & excess sun energy is stored in the battery for later use when sun energy as well as main is not available. One can enjoy the electricity anytime and anywhere with moderate cost & less monthly electricity bill.
Advantages of Solar Power

Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source.
  • Once a solar panel is installed, solar energy can be produced free of charge.
  • Solar energy will last forever whereas it is estimated that the world’s oil reserves will last for 30 to 40 years.
  • Solar energy causes no pollution.
  • Solar cells make absolutely no noise at all. On the other hand, the giant machines utilized for pumping oil are extremely noisy and therefore very impractical.
  • Very little maintenance is needed to keep solar cells running. There are no moving parts in a solar cell which makes it impossible to really damage them.
  • In the long term, there can be a high return on investment due to the amount of free energy a solar panel can produce, it is estimated that the average household will see 50% of their energy coming in from solar panels.