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Company Profile
Company Profile Prakriti Initiatives Pvt. Ltd. is one of the main solar energy products provider and offer an extensive variety of solar energy products which like solar water heaters (ETC and FPC), solar photovoltaic solutions, grid tied solar power plants, solar inverters for residential, institutional and business applications and solar home light solutions.
Every day, the sun radiates (sends out) an enormous amount of energy-called solar energy . It radiates more energy in one day than the world uses in one year. This energy comes from within the sun itself. Like most stars, the sun is a big gas ball made up mostly of hydrogen and helium gas. The sun makes energy in its inner core in a process called nuclear fusion. It takes the sun's energy just a little over eight minutes to travel the 93 million miles to Earth. Solar energy travels at the speed of light, or 186,000 miles per second, or 3.0 x 108 meters per second. Only a small part of the visible radiant energy (light) that the sun emits into space ever reaches the Earth, but that is more than enough to supply all our energy needs. Every hour enough solar energy reaches the Earth to supply our nation’s energy needs for a year! Solar energy is considered a renewable energy source due to this fact. Today, people use solar energy to heat buildings and water and to generate electricity. Solar energy accounts for a very small percentage of U.S. energy”less than one percent. Solar energy is mostly used by residences and to generate electricity.
We are Franchise of Main Frame Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd an ISO 9001-2008 ,ISO 14001 organization with accreditation/Certifications powers like MNRE, IEC Mark and so forth for manufacturing, dealing and supplying various solar energy products like roof top solar plant, solar inverters and appears to be in top 10 companies in India for manufacturing such vibrant solar products. From all top 10 companies in Delhi, Haryana, we are the best LED light manufacturer, solar battery manufacturer and solar panel manufacturer.
We are handling in installing, authorizing, conveyance, Import and Export of a wide range of solar energy based products For E.g. solar power based home appliances like solar water heater, solar water pump, solar charger, solar CFL lantern and commercial as coordinates and enterprises like industrial solar water heater, commercial solar power products, commercial solar power plants, solar LEDs and so forth.

Vision and Mission


To build ‘Green India’ through harnessing abundant solar radiation and to achieve energy security for the country.


  • To become the leader in development of large scale solar installations, solar plants and solar parks and to promote and commercialize the use of solar energy to reach remotest corner of India.
  • To become leader in exploring new technologies and their deployment to harness solar energy.